Ban on internet,Right or Wrong?

Its almost two months that internet is banned across the State of Manipur. It has become a norm whenever there is a law and order situation or security issues, the authorities immediately direct Internet Service Providers to suspend internet.
Recent incidents of complete ban on internet can be seen in Jammu Kashmir, Punjab, Rajasthan and other parts of India when law and order situation has been disrupted. However banning internet will not restore peace in area.


Banning internet violates citizen's Fundamental Rights-

Banning internet curbs Right to Free Speech guaranteed under Article 19(1)(a) of the Constitution of India.

Government's stance-

Government's argument is that such a ban is necessary in order to prevent rumours, fake news and misinformation which would instigate more violence.

Supreme Court's view-

Anuradha Bhasin vs Union of India, 2020 SC

The Hon'ble Court held that Internet ban cannot be a long term measure. Just because there is a security situation, government cannot simply ban the internet permanently. It is a temporary solution which should satisfy 'Test of Proportionality'. It means the ban on internet in a certain region should be proportionate to the threat that actually exists on ground. Just because violence has happened in few areas, internet cannot be suspended in whole state. Internet suspension can be of few hours or days but cannot be for weeks and months and should be proportional to the threat.

To sum up..

Blanket ban on internet will not help in curbing the violence. It is only a temporary solution and can-not be made a permanent measure. India already has the image of being the internet ban capital of the world. In a democratic country, it is direct breach of democratic rights and voice of people.

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